3 Reasons I Hire Marketers – for My Own Marketing

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3 Reasons I Hire Marketers – for My Own Marketing

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I’ve been in marketing for over 25 years and I know social media like the back of my hand. So why do I hire marketers? Why don’t I do it myself? After all, I’m the expert!

There are three great reasons why I hire marketers to help me with my own marketing. And they apply to other businesses, too.

  1. I don’t have the time to do it well

First and foremost, I know how much time it takes to do marketing well. Again, I do this for my clients daily! But, like most entrepreneurs in the services industry, I spend the majority of my time on my work for others. I want my clients to have the best experience and get the best results; they are my main focus.

Because of this focus, my own marketing gets pushed aside. If I’m in charge of getting it done, it will get put on a back burner. (I know this from experience!)

By hiring someone else, I make sure that my marketing is a priority. Since I’m their client, they put me first. Just the way I want it! They treat me the way I treat my clients. And that means I get much more attention – and the marketing happens for me.

2) I write the content – so they can design, edit, and distribute

One of the secrets to outsourcing your marketing is to know what has to come from you and what doesn’t. Since I want to be considered a thought-leader in my industry, I can’t have someone else writing my blogs. I do that myself.

I also do all the videos myself, planning out the topics, speaking on each topic, and recording them. But there’s a team of people who take over from there.

I have someone who edits my videos and makes them look professional. I also have someone who posts them for me. And someone designs the covers for the videos (for Instagram, etc.) Why? Because these are all aspects of my marketing that others can do better and faster than I can. If I want the best marketing, I need to hire marketers who are brilliant in these aspects of marketing to help me!

3) I get added creativity and big wins

I’m only one person so I can’t think of – and do – everything. But a supportive team can expand the marketing creativity (and work) exponentially.

I hire the best people for each task then leave them alone to do the work. No micromanaging here! If you’ve hired the right talent for the right roles, the work takes care of itself. In fact, the more leeway I give the team, and the more I ask for their opinions and input, the more diversity of ideas I receive!

This can lead to bigger discoveries and wins than I could have ever created on my own.

The bottom line is that I practice what I preach to my clients – I want really good marketing for my brands, so I hire the best talent and let them do the work. Does that mean there aren’t any mistakes or bumps along the road? Of course not. It happens. But every bump has its educational value for both of us and we’re learning along the way together, as a team.

Do you have the best marketing team working on your behalf? If not, contact me and let’s talk.

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