3 reasons to ask for Google reviews

Google Reviews for your online business

3 reasons to ask for Google reviews

Google Reviews for your online business

One of the nicest experiences I had this week was my Online Business Manager (OBM) asking me to write her a Google Review. She works for me fractionally and supports others like me. And she’s amazing; one example of her work is the logo and website design for Marketing Career Mentor.

So I was happy to write her a review. She sent me the link and it took me all of two minutes to do. Here’s what I wrote:


And here’s the interesting thing about this activity. It did three things for me and for Maribel.

  1. It will help Maribel in her business – it’s called “social proof”

There’s nothing better than reading 5-star reviews for someone, is there? It shows how good they are, it gives you the confidence you need to hire them, and it also helps you feel confident in your decision to work with them.

“Social proof” is very compelling in the decision-making process to work with a business or professional, so be sure to include recommendations in your marketing. It appeals to the emotional-side of the process, showing proof that you’re choosing the right person because others have recommended them.


2) It shows Maribel how important she is to me

The only thing better than getting paid is feeling appreciated, isn’t it? Don’t you feel great when someone genuinely thanks you for your work and effort? Doesn’t it make you want to do even more for them?

If someone deserves it, please show them how much you appreciate them today. They’ll love it and it will incentivize them to continue their good work. AND you’ll feel good about letting them know how much their efforts mean to you.


3) It reinforces my own feelings of how good Maribel is for my business

As I wrote the review, I was reflecting on what an amazing help Maribel is to me and my business. And that process – thinking about how valuable she is – reinforces that feeling and realization even more.

What’s most interesting is that people (including myself!) feel awkward or embarrassed about asking for a review because they feel it’s an imposition and it’s “work.” But it’s not (or it shouldn’t be) if the review can be positive, for all the right reasons. And, in fact, it reinforces how valuable the person or business is to the reviewer.

Don’t hold back when it comes to asking for reviews. And don’t worry about a bad review, either; that just shows the honesty of the process. Not every review is going to be perfect; in fact, seeing an off review makes the process all the more believable.

Who can you ask for a review today? Or review without their asking?


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