3 Reasons Why Up-leveling Your Marketing Isn’t Cheap

Excellence vs Mediocrity in marketing

3 Reasons Why Up-leveling Your Marketing Isn’t Cheap

Excellence vs Mediocrity in marketing

If you’re not happy with the marketing you’ve been doing, you’re not alone. I talk to people all the time who are unhappy with their marketing results.

There can be lots of reasons why what you’re doing isn’t working. But one thing I can guarantee you: if you want to get better marketing, you often have to pay for it.

While this may sound self-serving at first, let me share three good reasons better marketing often costs more.

  1. You’re paying a professional marketer – not someone on Fiverr.

When you go the deep discount route, the marketing services you receive are pretty similar to the other discount products you can buy. Typically, they are:

  • Mass produced – not customized for you
  • Easy and quick to produce – rather than being carefully crafted and considered based on your business needs or goals
  • Done by someone who is “junior” (read inexperienced), who doesn’t have a track-record of success and may be learning at your expense

Of course, if that’s all you can afford, it’s better than nothing. But just barely.


2) You’re getting a “bespoke” program – not a package

Even among professional marketers, I’ve seen “standard packages” sold to clients. While this makes sense for specific industries – such as a standard marketing package for a new/opening restaurant – it doesn’t guarantee that your business’s differentiating factor will be noticed or marketed.

In addition, not every client will see results from the standard package – and standard packages don’t change and shift with the changing times (think about your marketing needs before 2020 and during 2020). If it’s not current and based on your business, it’s probably not going to have the best marketing results for you.


3) Experienced marketers work on tactics/channels AND strategy

If you find someone who’s great at one facet of marketing – Google ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, videos, blogging, YouTube, etc. that’s great. You’re getting a specialist in that area and marketing has gotten so complex and sophisticated, expertise in one area or channel goes a long way!

The problem is integrating all those marketing channels and experts, or giving them all strategic direction so they’re working in concert with each other – rather than working in silos that have no relationship to one another.

Lots of activities in silos creates a lot of marketing – but not necessarily business results.

It’s not just marketing where the best service costs more

This isn’t just true for marketing – it happens in many areas of business – where experts with experience and knowledge typically cost more than lower-level, standardized, cookie-cutter providers. Think about everything from design and architecture to professional services. The best services typically cost more.

Not sure what to do to up-level your marketing results? Contact me and let’s chat about it.


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