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4 reasons why it’s good to blog

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I write my blog for many reasons – and you should, too. Here are four good reasons to blog:

  1. The internet is FULL of information – and a lot of it is useless – change that!
  2. Your best bet is to make Google your friend – so your website performs well when searched
  3. Keywords make all the difference
  4. You show off who you are and what you do

Let’s dive into each of these reasons to show how each of them works in our favor.

1.The internet is full of information – a lot of it is useless – change that!

Have you ever read a blog and been really disappointed? I mean really disappointed? I have. They promise the world and don’t even deliver a room with a view.

If you have any knowledge at all about a subject, the blog is cursory, high-level, and tells you what you already know. What you really want (if it’s worth your time to read) is more detailed information. Something that speaks to you directly. And is worth your time to read.

So if you’re one of those people who really knows her stuff, blogging shows you off. On a weekly or monthly basis, you can be sharing your genius with others. What does this do? It shows that you are trustworthy, you know your stuff, and it will invite people to work with you.

Blogging is great if your knowledge and content is great. If you’re just reading and snipping from the internet, don’t bother. Thousands of others are competing with you.  

2.Your best bet is to make Google your friend

That means you contribute valuable or useful information online so that Google can see that you are great. Great content means that you’ll give your readers a wonderful online experience. And Google knows this.

So if you create really interesting content – along with your fabulous, viral videos – Google will see that everyone who comes to your website is happy and they will reward you. This reward is to give your website “higher authority” and move you up the search engine food-chain. Yes, this is the answer (or part of the answer) to “how do I get on the first page of Google?”

(If you haven’t read it yet, also take a look at my checklist for the best performing website here.)

3.Keywords make all the difference

When you share your valuable information, be sure that you’re using “inside industry” terms. Those will be the perfect “keywords” for your prospects and clients.

In fact, if you can answer special, ongoing questions that people have, using the same words and phrases that are used by those in your specialty, you’ll increase your Google Authority further.

Again, Google wants everyone who goes from their search engine to your website to have the best experience, so if you address your customers’ needs and Google sees that, it will help your website move up the Google authority chain (and results page).

4.You show off who you are and what you do

Most often, people make their decisions about who to buy from, or hire to solve their problems, based on trust. The beauty of writing a blog is that you can share your information, your wisdom, and your unique perspective over time to build that type of trust.

When you are disciplined enough to write a blog and the information you share is helpful and different, you can establish yourself as a reputable, caring, and trustworthy advisor. Who do we turn to when we have a problem? Someone we trust, who knows what they need to know and has the experience to solve our issue.

Have I convinced you yet that blogging is good for you on so many levels? From search engine optimization to market differentiation to gaining trust, you gain so much by blogging. Not sure how to begin? Or how to optimize your blogs, once you’ve written them? Give me a call or email me and let’s chat!  

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  1. Hi Janet
    Will Video Blogs do the same thing? What is the downside for VLOGS vs Written Blogs?

    1. Great question, Robert!
      Vlogs are great to do as people LOVE to watch videos. Just remember: video doesn’t have the same SEO impact to your website, because Google reads words, not images.
      That said, if you get LOTS of traffic to your Video Blogs that will be great for your SEO – so go for it if that works for you!

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