5 Ways Your Current Clients Are Your Best Resource

happy clients help your marketing

5 Ways Your Current Clients Are Your Best Resource

happy clients help your marketing

One of the biggest black holes I see with clients and prospects is what they do with their current clients and customers. These can be a huge resource for marketing your business – but only if you maximize these relationships.

Here are 5 ways happy customers are important to your marketing efforts:

  1. Confirm your best sales points

Why did your client or customer buy from you? It’s great to know this so that you have a sense of what delights your customers, what they want to purchase, and what helps you stand out versus the competition. From a marketing perspective, are you marketing this factor? If not, you should be!

2) Feedback on how you performed for them

How was your client’s overall experience? Did it start off well and end poorly? Or vice versa? Understanding what you need to work on, to improve your business, helps you market yourself effectively and retain valuable clients! This feedback helps to ensure that your client has the best purchase and use experience possible. And when you get better, they may buy more.

3) Their plans – so you can plan your business

Your best clients and customers can give you a sense of where your market is going. What are they doing in the future? What concerns them a year from now? Will they need you? Are they using alternatives? This is valuable business planning and marketing strategy information you need to know!

4) Customer testimonials that help sell others

Do you have Client Testimonials? And do you have enough? How old are they? If you have happy clients and customers, their honest appreciation can be the best marketing for you! This is why sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp! are as big as they are. When people are faced with the unknown, they want to know what someone else has experienced. Are you asking for these? Are you getting them on a consistent basis? If not, you should be!

5) Referrals to new prospects

Has a happy client ever sent you a prospect? Or another customer? This is the best type of marketing available and worth its weight in gold! But wait – you didn’t pay anything for it? Or did you? If you’re not actively seeking out referrals from your clients, you’re missing out.

If you’re not taking advantage of having happy customers, you’re not doing the best marketing for your business. Want to learn more? Contact me and let’s chat about it!


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