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Janet Granger
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"I believe people (and their businesses) deserve to rise to
their full potential. That every person has their “genius.” I help them
achieve their potential through strategic thinking and marketing."

About Janet Granger

I started out in marketing strategy before the internet, so I’ve been there “since the beginning.” With an MBA in Marketing & Management from Columbia University and experience in data analytics and measurement at Nielsen, I learned the basics, early on of creating the right message for the right person to be delivered at the right time. And the tools to measure what has happened. The importance of that hasn’t changed.

What has changed are the communication channels and techniques, the conference and events world, and the people in the U.S. labor force (over 50% are Millennials, and now there's Gen Z). They’re changing all the time.

It takes a lot of work to keep up with the rapid pace of new apps, new channels, and new technologies, in digital marketing and in managing the workforce. It can be a little daunting to those outside of digital marketing and virtual conferences. I’ve developed expertise in HR strategy, given my experience managing teams over 10 years.

How to attract and keep younger gen z talent

How To Attract & Keep Younger Talent In The Workplace

Discover the key insights on how to attract and retain Gen Z employees in your organization with our latest White Paper. Gain valuable knowledge on the newest recruitment strategies, workplace culture, and management techniques that will keep your younger talent engaged and committed to your company's success.

OK, Boomer! Revelations of a Baby Boomer Working With Millennials

I’m excited to share my new book with you, which talks about where the inter-generational conflict in the workplace comes from and, most importantly, how to move forward in the best interest of everyone at work.

Digital Influence for
Baby Boomers

Read these 11 stories of other Baby Boomers, ranging in digital influence from novice to expert, to see how they are influenced and how they use their digital influence to their advantage. If you want to stay in today’s workforce and be technologically relevant, this is the book for you!

"I will help you redefine your marketing, your strategy,
your events, and your talent management issues.
Most importantly, we’ll focus on RESULTS."

What Clients Say

“Janet’s marketing and business savvy, especially her ability to craft and execute pragmatic social media marketing strategies, has been invaluable as I have launched a venture to create digital business services franchises. She pushes her clients hard and that’s very welcome.”


Mark Rosenman Founder & Owner, 111 Ventures

"I've brought Janet into projects for her expertise in digital marketing and what's great is her metrics focus. In everything we test and do we're measuring our success, so we can show the positive results of our work."


Steve Gordon President S.Gordon Consulting

“Before working with Janet, we’d worked with another SEO agency and not seen any results. Working with her, we see a weekly report about our progress and, even better, we had someone walk into our store who had searched online and our ad came up first, so he came to us! Pat on the back for these great results within the first few weeks.”


Mike Meyer, International Quiksigns

Janet’s contribution to the Marine Advisory Committee has been critical in helping us with our vision to ‘get the word out’ about the importance of the marine industry. She’s a great strategic asset to us, leading and managing our communications and blog outreach.”

Bill Walker

Bill Walker, President/CEO, Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale

Are you ready to make a lasting change?

Talent Management of the Future for Millennials and Gen Z EmployeesHow to attract & keep younger (Gen Z) talent

Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Gen Z (born 1997-2012) are the youngest generations in the workforce, and they present unique challenges for CEOs looking to attract, onboard, train, and retain top talent. This free white paper gives valuable steps to helping CEOs and leaders create a positive culture for the future workforce.