About Janet Granger

Crafting a market strategy

I started out in marketing strategy before the internet (imagine!).  With an MBA in Marketing & Management from Columbia University and nine years in direct mail, I learned the basics of creating the right message for the right person to be delivered at the right time. That hasn't changed. 

What has changed are the communication channels and techniques. They're changing all the time; here's a fun podcast I did about that. It takes a lot of work to keep up with the rapid pace of new apps, new channels, and new technologies. It can be a little daunting to those outside of digital marketing if it isn't your main focus.   

So let me help you redefine your marketing. 

Let's focus on RESULTS. 

I start off working with you by doing an evaluation of your past and present marketing work and then develop a marketing strategy that's closely tied to your business strategy. Why? Marketing guru Seth Godin says it best in his blog; it's because the strategy never changes but your tactics may change, over time.

I've been named one of the 20 Most Influential Content Marketers in New England and I published a book in 2016: Digital Influence for Baby Boomers: Why you should care and yes, you can do this!   None of that matters more than helping you develop a marketing strategy and digital marketing campaigns that move the business forward. 

How can I help you? 

Email me at [email protected] or call me at 203.521.1752