Advanced Local Marketing Tactics

Advanced Techniques in Local Marketing

Advanced Local Marketing Tactics

Technology is changing all the time for marketing; in fact, change is the only constant you can depend on, when it comes to marketing.

I recently gave a webinar with Melanie Kyle, of the Marine Ad Network, about the newest and sleekest marketing techniques. We focused on the marine industry but you can apply these to any industry – especially local or regional businesses (as opposed to national advertisers).

What did we talk about? The first topic was Google My Business. Have you focused at all on this new channel? It’s been created and enhanced by Google’s Maps area and is specifically designed for local businesses that want more traffic to their location. To hear about how you can use Google My Business, listen to our quick “on demand” webinar here.

Looking for the full link? It’s here:

And let me know what you think!

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