Case Study: 3 Day Virtual Event

Case Study: 3 Day Virtual Event

When COVID-19 hit, large associations with multiple day events wanted to continue providing their membership with exciting events, and honoring high-level professionals.

A multiple-day, exciting and engaging virtual event, including “awards ceremonies” and networking (NOT a Zoom experience).

A production-quality event that looked like a televised production. Elements included:

  • Event strategy sessions to choose platforms
  • Event advising for the best attendee and speaker experience
  • Unique website and URL for the event
  • 3 Concurrent tracks/streams of thought-leadership content
  • Separate networking platform (
    “Live” Green Rooms for white-glove handling of important, internationally-renowned speakers
  • Recorded session with personalized production assistance Virtual streaming of
  • recorded content Marketing (“hype”) video production
  • Sponsor loop video production
  • Branding of all materials used in the virtual event including session slides, interstitials, “Coming up next” videos, etc.
  • Technical assistance before and during the event
    Attendee and speaker responses after the event, saying it was the “best online experience” they’ve ever had
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