Case Study: HR Company & COVID-19 Information

Case Study: HR Company & COVID-19 Information

HR Consulting Firm in the thick of COVID-19, trying to keep their clients informed of all issues and regulations.

“Lead” the industry with consistent website information and updates during the pandemic.

As a team of experienced HR professionals, their clients (funded start-ups and established companies in the Bay Area of California) relied on them for up-to-date information when the pandemic began.

They were working diligently to keep up with the daily learnings and changes with local, state, and federal regulations. It was difficult, as the news was changing on a daily basis in the state of California and nationally.

Working closely with the client team as our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), we created special “Coronavirus HR Guides” and assembled a “Took Kit” of important information – including materials that their clients needed to share with employees.

These “Tool Kits” were updated and refreshed when the messaging changed from the early days of what to say and what to do (instructing employers) to the “Return- to-Work Tool Kit” that came after lockdowns were over.

Because of the consistent communication and ongoing messaging, their clients were able to steer employees on safe practices and re-open, safely, as needed.

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