Case Study: New “Umbrella” Brand & Website

Case Study: New “Umbrella” Brand & Website

Issue: A 20 year-old successful B2B software company had three different division and offerings, featuring software and A/V services. Each division had it’s own brand name and logo, but there was little brand recognition for any of them. There had been no marketing function at the company, just sales.

To increase brand awareness and generate online leads.

Solution: Creation of an over-arching “umbrella” brand, to encompass all three other divisions/brands. New website with the new branding, content rich for maximum user-ease and information. Tactics to send traffic to the new website.

Over the course of a year, a new brand (and name) was chosen and a new website created. All three divisions are represented on the new website, which continues to be updated and added to (with blogs and case studies, new offerings, etc.)

After the new website was finished, tactics to send traffic to it started generating 4 – 5 valuable (Sales Qualified) leads per month within the first year.

The client is very pleased with the new branding (used for all new marketing tactics, such as a new booth for conferences), and the sales team is using new, branded materials to drive client meetings and close deals.

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