Create great content by marketing with heart

What is great content – that people REALLY want to see?

Create great content by marketing with heart

This blog post is for everyone out there who’s trying to figure out what they can create that people will want to see.

Are you on a marketing team or agency that creates content you think is great, only to be discouraged that no one is looking at it?

Or maybe you’re paying for ads – so that you know people will see your brilliance – but it’s not delivering the sales or leads you thought they would.

I have the answer!

People have been writing and sharing the “secret to great content” for as long as there’s been marketing. But it’s hard to follow to this advice because, while it makes sense, we nod our heads and don’t follow through.

Why? Because most of us have an agenda.

If we’re in business world, we have something to market or sell. And sometimes, we get so caught up in our great product or service that we think everyone will want it, if we just tell them “how great” it is.

That may be true – but it has nothing to do with what people really want to see and read online. So what’s the secret? It’s as simple as this: people want to feel an emotional connection.

They want something that feels real. Something they can relate to. Something that touches their hearts.

If you think about this, every viral video you’ve ever watched has an element of heart, or humor, that you enjoy. Every post you’ve read and shared touched you in some way.

It isn’t about a great product.

Take me, for example. When I wrote a blog post about my dog going blind – something that had really been bothering me and came right from my soul – it got more than any “marketing brilliance” I’ve shared.

This one won’t. I know it.

People will get to the paragraph above, or even maybe stop before that one, and will move on. Because there’s nothing heartfelt about this post. It’s about the truth, but the truth (let’s be honest) can be a bit boring.

So now you know. You’ve gotten this far and you know the secret. The question is: what are you going to do about it?

Will you share your heart with the world? Go into the depths of your soul? Or, will you write about some shiny new product or service?

If you want to talk about this, let’s! Email me!

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