Feeling Zoomed out? Want to choose who you talk to when networking, like in real life?

Feeling Zoomed out? Want to choose who you talk to when networking, like in real life?

If you’re like most professionals online now, we’re all feeling a bit “zoomed out” after six months. Sure, breakout rooms are great. They were novel and are a cool way to be with a few other people, in a smaller, more manageable setting. But you have no control over them, really.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a conference online the way you do in real life?

You can walk around the room, check out the booths and the people. Get the “lay of the land” and figure out what you want to do and who you want to talk to. Then approach them, one by one or in a booth?

Or, better yet, what about meeting clients, or friends and colleagues, and grabbing a table to sit and talk for a while?

If you’re missing these “good old days” experiences, you’re going to love the Remo experience. It looks a bit like the image for this blog post – which is the layout of a room at an event or party.

Imagine a room of tables that all seat six people. With “lounge areas” on the sides, where there might be a “booth.” And imagine that you can pop into any table you like. But wait! If there are lots of people, say 100 or more, there are also “floors” you can go to, clicking on a virtual “elevator.”

Now you’re getting it: there are different people on different floors. There may be certain tables that are designated by topic, or theme, or a vendor/exhibitor. And you can look at any or all of them, “stop by” to speak with someone. Share an image or a video. Even create a whiteboard.

It’s an inter-active experience, where you get to “roam around” just as you would in real life. And it’s even easier to meet people than in real life. For instance, imagine a table that seats six people and two people are sitting there, having a conversation. Many of us would leave these two people alone and let them talk – especially at a business event.

In Remo, you can pop into the table and say hello and not feel as though you’re interrupting a conversation! Everyone is welcome to stop by and join in. It’s an inviting experience virtually, even more so than it might be in real life.

Have I piqued your curiosity enough to want to see it in action? Great! You can take a look here and, if you want to kick the tires and see how it might work for an event that you’re planning, let me know. I’m happy to show you how it works!

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