How to Find the Best Blog Topics

3 Ways to Find the Best Blog Topics

How to Find the Best Blog Topics

In a former post, I wrote that everyone should blog, as it does wonderful things for your marketing results. It’s like exercising: it’s good for you in so many ways – even if it is hard to get to the gym or to get going all the time!

Many prospects and clients I work with aren’t sure what to blog about. They just don’t know what to say on a weekly basis. Is that why you’re not blogging? If so, here’s my special list of three ways to find great topics to blog about.

First, what’s the hottest topic in your industry?

I’m sure there’s something that everyone in your industry is talking about. Odds are, there’s more than one topic that fits this category! If so, here are some ways to blog about it:

  • What’s your take on this topic?
  • What experience do you have in this area?
  • What are the pros and cons of this topic or issue?
  • What interesting links or articles have you read about this topic?
  • How have your clients handled this issue or topic?
  • What does the industry future like, looking forward, based on this topic?

Second, what’s your most recent success story?

You must have a favorite or most recent success story! Share it – along with how you got there. People love to hear about how someone else solved a problem or discovered something new. Or even made a mistake and got out of it.

If you have pearls of wisdom from experience, share them! Even if they’re old hat to you, they may be new and exciting tidbits of information to someone else. Your three or six-month-old success story of how you helped a client, for example, may be just as valuable to someone today – or even more valuable as time goes on.  

Third, share your favorite new piece of knowledge or news!

Sharing in your journey is a wonderful way to both establish your thought leadership and show that you, too, are learning all the time. Your business evolution or process can be invaluable to others.

For example, I’ll be working with clients or talking to prospects and one thing they say or mention sticks in my head. It might be an interesting viewpoint, or a story about how they’ve done marketing in the past, or even a question they have, and it’s illuminating to me.

That conversation becomes the topic of my next blog post! Remember, working in your industry exposes you to all the ideas and questions and transformations that are happening around you. Keep your ear to the ground and you’ll always have interesting news or perspectives to share.

Still not sure how to begin a blog? Or how to keep one going? Let’s chat about what you’d like to do! Call me or email me now.

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