Beware of people selling you ways to find new customers

How do I find new customers and clients? (Don’t let a salesperson “sell” you the answer.)

Beware of people selling you ways to find new customers

If you’re like most businesses, you’re always in need of new clients or customers. And there a lot of people who are happy to give you a quick and easy “sales” response to this.

What do I mean by a “sales” response? Anyone who answers this question right away – who tells you “how to find more customers.” Their answer is always – well, whatever they’re selling. If you ask someone, “how do I find new customers?” and they don’t ask you a number of questions in return, you’re not talking to a marketing person – you’re talking to a sales person who has an agenda – a product or service they are selling to you.

What’s the right answer to this question?

The right answer to this question is a series of questions in return. First and foremost: who is your best customer or client? What do they look like? Can you create a “persona” that describes them?

Here’s what a customer persona for a “best customer” might include:

  • Age (age ranges are fine, such as 25+ or 18 – 54)
  • Gender
  • Geography (where do they live?)
  • Profession or job?
  • Hobbies that are important?

Can a business have more than one “persona”?

Yes! But then you need to be sure you have all the personas defined who truly drive the business. It’s less important to include those who are not more than 20% of your sales or revenues.

What about people who do tell me how to get more clients/customers?

If someone has an answer to your question, without understanding anything about your business first, find out what they’re selling. That doesn’t mean they may not have a good product or service for you; however, keep in mind that someone who has a hammer thinks everything looks like a nail.

But I’ve heard videos get more clients and customers! Or buying email lists! What about those?

Yes, videos can help you get more clients. And getting lists of new people to go after can be helpful, too. Here’s why I’m cautious: it all comes back to your clients and customers.

Think for a moment about your best client. Where would they see your video? And what kind of video would help them decide to buy what you have to offer? How do you know?

The best sales pitches for new marketing tactics get murky once you start to ask the question: what will work for your customers. Seeing someone skateboarding or hang-gliding or doing something else that’s really cool may get people’s attention – but will it get them to consider buying from you?

So, don’t let someone sell you a quick answer. Confused about where or how to move forward? Email me at [email protected] (or give me a call) and tell me who your best client is and I’ll help you find them!

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