Survey Results: Is it Work? Or Is It Me?

You took the survey and got your results – if you scored:

1 – 14% 

It’s probably you, and that’s ok! You seem to be in a good place overall – stay there until something better comes your way.

15 – 50%   

Hm, things don’t seem to be going well and your organization doesn’t sound  great. It could be you but, more likely, there are issues at work that need to be addressed.

You can see how to solve some of these by downloading my book. Or, feel free to contact me and we can talk about how we might make some changes there.

Over 50%

There’s definitely something going on at work and, believe me, it’s not just you! The good news is you’re onto something. Take a look at your results again and see the specific areas where work isn’t serving you well. And, if you checked more than a couple of boxes on the last question, it’s time to ask your organization to make some changes!

One way to get started is to read my book and learn how and where to begin. If you’d like to talk about how I can help with what you’ve discovered, contact me!

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