Referral Program

Two Beagles Referral Program


There's no better compliment about my
services than a referral to someone else!

I’m always looking for ways to send more business to my clients and referrals are one way to do this.

When it seems like a good match, I also like to introduce my clients to one another, to see if they can create a “win-win” referral between the two of them.

I’m very particular about when and how I give referrals – in part because I feel responsible for the outcomes even though this is not up to me. Because I want only the best for my clients and referrals, I only refer to people that I know, like, and TRUST.

I’m sure you feel the same way!

For that reason, if you refer someone to me, I will uphold that trust AND I’d like to thank you – giving you a gift that has value and meaning. Read more about what’s included below!

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What Happens Next?

For every referral you send that becomes a client you'll recieve:

1) A BONUS THANK YOU DAY of posts on my social media channels:

2) YOUR CHOICE of Coaching or Workshop Program

Workshop Program

This is a one-hour session with up to five (5) participants where I help solve a problem that this team is having. Examples of great Workshops are:

  • Brainstorming the best ways for the team to work more effectively
  • Reviewing strategic goals and seeing if daily activities align with those goals
  • Analyzing marketing tactics and results to see if they align with the marketing (and business) strategy

1:1 Business/Marketing Coaching

This is a one-hour session where we do an intensive review of your business goals for the quarter (or year). We’ll look at your business performance, metrics, and goals for the quarter (or year) and I’ll show you how to be most effective in meeting your goals.

If you choose the marketing session, we’ll see if your marketing plans and activities align with your business goals and, if not, we’ll review how you can get them back on track to help you meet your business goals.

How do I refer someone?

Simply tell us who you’ve referred to us – providing their name and email or other contact information, and we’ll follow up with them, letting them know you referred them to us. It’s that easy!

Please contact me if you have any questions – and a special “thank you” in advance!

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