Leaders need to rethink the labor force

What You’ve Been Doing to Retain Employees Isn’t Working – Here’s Why

  Many employees in the U.S. appear to be in a crisis, with a LinkedIn article that reads, “Worker burnout at a pandemic high: Poll.” Even in the HR function, where leaders send their “people issues,” there’s a burnout crisis.…
a team at work - y reaction to HBR article

My thoughts on the Harvard Business Review’s take on inter-generational issues

  The inter-generational divide in the workplace has become so pervasive that the Harvard Business Review is now writing about it. A recent article begins: In a recent conversation with the HR leader of a Midwestern U.S.–based financial services company,…
OK Boomer! Revelations of a Baby Boomer Working With Millennials

This book answers the prayers of every person who finds themselves working with other age groups in an organization.