The Joy of Writing (translated: “I Love Creating Content”)

I love creating content (person writing)

The Joy of Writing (translated: “I Love Creating Content”)

I love creating content (person writing)

The internet is an enormous space and getting noticed is getting harder and harder. Add in the fact that Google is now in competition with you, and it becomes even more discouraging to think about how to stand out in the crowd.

One way to distinguish yourself (vs. competitors, especially) is to create great content. Even if Google is going to use it – at least you get the credit!

The way Google works – as of this writing – is it gives credit, better ranking, and authority to websites that are perceived, by visitors, to have content that is worth lingering over and viewing; this can be quantified by Google as the amount of time spent on pages and the number of pages viewed, as well as other factors.

Yes, video is great (it’s even better if backed by a written script, especially for ADA compliance), and you should have a video strategy these days. But what makes a great video? Great scripts and words (most of the time).

The best way to do blogs

There are many different ways to approach your blog strategy. The one I use with my clients fulfills two purposes:

  • Be the content expert – own your space with your brilliance!
  • Drive traffic to your brilliance

The first item, be the expert, is the best way to “win over” new clients and customers. If they see that you have the expertise to not only answer their questions, but to anticipate their needs and concerns, you’re bound to win over their confidence. And isn’t that was it’s all about, in the end? Clients and customers come your way because they know and trust you. The best way to build and maintain trust is to show that you know your business!

The second item has to do with spreading your brilliance around so that you maximize the exposure. One of the easiest ways to do this is the two-pronged approach: write your blogs on a regular basis, then drive traffic to them through various marketing tactics, from newsletters to social media.

Re-use and re-purpose your writing

Another way to drive traffic to your website is through emails. I’m a fan of newsletters for this purpose. As you can see from my own newsletter, I pick some of my favorite/most recent blog posts and feature them in my newsletter. You can do this, too!

Once you’re in the habit of sharing your brilliance in your blogs, you automatically have great content for a newsletter. I recommend sending one out every month, reminding everyone on your list what an expert you are in your particular industry.

In addition, once your blogs age (as they all do!), you can go back and update them, rearrange,  or re-edit them so they are new and fresh again. Often, the topics are just as timely a year or so later if you update them appropriately. I love doing this for my clients! And they see a huge value in using the same brilliance again. You can never repeat how you solve people’s problems too many times (as long as you vary the way you say it).

If you really don’t like writing but would like to start (or continue with) a blog on your website, contact me and let’s chat.


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  1. I love this Janet! Instead of starting over, revisiting and updating previously written content is brilliant!

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