Virtual Power Lunch on Marketing Strategy, Messaging, and Virtual Events

We recorded a Virtual Power Lunch presentation with live Chat about how to market after COVID-19
Virtual Power Lunch for COVID-19

Virtual Power Lunch on Marketing Strategy, Messaging, and Virtual Events

Virtual Power Lunch for COVID-19

As the world shifted with COVID-19, three marketers got together to help everyone make the shift in their marketing, and give examples of how to move forward. We called it the “Virtual Power Lunch.”

Here’s a bit of what we talked about:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication and messaging
  • Virtual events

We started with how to do marketing in a strategic way to generate success, identifying the “ideal customer or client” and talking about the best way to speak to that person. Finally, since much of the world is moving towards digital events, we looked at how to find your ideal client online, and the best ways to do that in a new virtual environment.

The link I’ve provided here allows you to see the Chat feature, where people are asking great questions and we had a fun answering these questions, and people were able to chat with one another, too.

Have a listen when you have the time. One of the nice aspects of a recording is the ability to skip the slides that aren’t as interesting to spend the time you want on the content you find most interesting and helpful. And you can repeat it again, to take notes!

Let me know what you think of this! I’m curious to know if this format of receiving information I is helpful and works for you.

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