Monthly Newsletters

Why EVERY BUSINESS should have a monthly newsletter

Monthly Newsletters

I know what you’re thinking: my business is different. I don’t need a Newsletter. What could that possibly do for my business?

You’re right – not every business should have a monthly newsletter – only the ones that want to retain their valuable customers and clients, and who want to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Oh, wait, is that you? Then you really do need to have a monthly newsletter.

Here are a more few reasons why:

  • Newsletters provide a vehicle to contact your clients and customers on an ongoing, scheduled basis;
  • They show your customers and clients how much you care about them by sharing what you KNOW or how you can make their lives/work easier or better;
  • They inform your clients and customers of what’s new in your business, and the new ways you can help or serve them;
  • You can use them to offer special deals, rates, or referral options – all ways your customers can help you grow your business;
  • They help drive traffic to your website or your location;
  • Newsletter analytics can indicate what’s most top-of-mind for your customers and clients!

Convinced? Now you’re wondering, “How do I find the time and resources to send out a newsletter?” The answer is: it’s not that hard. I promise! Here are a few ways to do it so easily.  

First, you start with blogs. I just published four great reasons why every business should be blogging. Did you read it? If not, I recommend you do. Just in case, here’s the link

Once you’ve written a couple of blogs during the month, all you have to do is put them in your newsletter! Every month, I look at the analytics of the four blogs I’ve written and then I share the posts that generated the most interest in my newsletter.

You can add other links, too, such as webinars and videos. For example, I’ve been hosting a monthly webinar on marketing tips for the marine industry. We’ve recorded all those webinars and now they’re perfect for “on demand” sharing and viewing. Here’s an example of one we did on the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business websites. All I need to do is summarize what my clients can learn by viewing this valuable, 20 min. video and then show them a link to get there. Voila! A post for my newsletter!

You can also “newsjack,” as David Meerman Scott has written so eloquently. Newsjacking is taking a hot news item or story and adding your spin on it. Why is this issue or event important? What does it mean for your customers or clients? Why should they care? I have an attorney as a client who did this about Florida’s most recent “stand your ground” update; she gave her thoughts about what this will mean, going forward, for the families she serves.

There’s so much more you can do, too! You can link to your social media channels to get people excited about following you, you can offer discounts, or get the word out to people about a new loyalty program. Moving soon? Let everyone know! The list of possibilities for content goes on and on.

Still intimidated about getting started? Call or email me and we can talk about it. If you like, I can help set up a NEW Newsletter template on Constant Contact – and if you mention this blog, I’ll do it for $250! (Yes, you can share this with your friends!)

I look forward to showing you the magic that can happen for your business with a Newsletter.

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