Why Your Google Adwords Campaign Isn’t Working

There are a few reasons why your Google Adwords Campaign may not be working. How do you know it’s working? What metrics did you set up in the beginning to measure? Why aren’t you seeing the business results you want?

First off, what were your goals when you started your Adwords campaign? Were they specific? By specific, I mean starting points and end points.

For example, if your website is currently getting 1,000 visitors per month and 50% of them are new to your site (the other 50% are repeat visitors), your goals might be:

  • 10% more visitors
  • 20% more visitors
  • more new visitors – say, 75% – instead of the 50% you’re seeing now

Or if you get leads for sales from your website, how many do you get per month now? Are they good leads – meaning, they often close as a sale? If you’re currently generating leads on your website, or you want to start generating leads, your Google Adword goals might be:

  • Start getting leads on the website
  • Increase leads by 10%
  • Increase leads by 20%
  • Better leads (higher value at the close)

Many times, I work with businesses that aren’t aware of their current traffic and haven’t set out goals that are specific and realistic. That’s one reason why your Adwords campaign may not be working for you.

For the other reasons, such as the campaign itself, learn more in my 30 minute webinar! And let me know what you think!

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