Turn marketing frustration into data-driven success!

From business strategy to marketing strategy to marketing execution.

Do you recognize these issues in your current marketing?

Take a peek at my own content marketing –videos on various hot marketing topics! (You can do these, too!)

What’s your level of digital influence? And how are you influenced by others?

How to solve the digital divide?

Business Goals

Marketing Strategy

Execute tactics and test

Review results

Do more of what works!

“Janet’s marketing and business savvy, especially her ability to craft and execute pragmatic social media marketing strategies, has been invaluable as I have launched a venture to create digital business services franchises. She pushes her clients hard and that’s very welcome.”"

Mark Rosenman Founder & Owner, 111 Ventures

"Janet was my client at Pitney Bowes. Janet always demanded our best work (and she got it), but in return she always supported us and was a loyal champion for us even during a time of significant managerial change. That is everything you hope for in a client. She has since become a talented content creator and influencer in her own right. "

Andrew Boer President/Founder Movable Media

"I've brought Janet into projects for her expertise in digital marketing and what's great is her metrics focus. In everything we test and do we're measuring our success, so we can show the positive results of our work."

Steve Gordon President SGordon Consulting, (Technology & Operations Solutions)

"It's great to be able to run ideas by you and to have help as I develop my business further. I'm excited about doing more YouTube videos!"

Robert Foltz The Kitchen Sales Coach

"I've learned so much - from the logic of having a Twitter account to making sure I have an overall (social media) plan. And helping me figure out what's important so I'm not spending all my time doing it! The results have been extraordinary."

James J. Mapes, author, Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind"

"It was a fabulous presentation. Even folks who pride themselves as “techies” were surprised at what they learned. It was smooth, data-filled (which we love!) with examples... a great way for us to kick off the 2015-2016 season."

Andrea Boissevain, MPH, Director of Health Stratford, CT
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