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Corporate Workshops

How much do your generational workplace issues cost per year? Let our experienced team help you redefine your marketing and talent management strategies, leveraging the latest digital tools and techniques to reach and engage your audience.

Speaking & Appearances

Janet is a dynamic, engaging speaker on the topics of solving generational stress in the workplace and engaging younger workers.

Leadership Coaching

Inspire and motivate your team to reach their full potential, and cover the latest trends and tools in managing multi-generational teams, with actionable insights and practical advice for any organization.

Sales Training - How to Work with Marketing

How do sales and marketing work best? When they're pointed towards the same goal: Sales Qualifies Leads and Closed Sales. Janet can help you maximize your lead qualifications and hand-offs.



Discover the key insights on how to attract and retain Gen Z employees in your organization with Janet’s latest White Paper. Gain valuable knowledge on the newest recruitment strategies, workplace culture, and management techniques that will keep your younger talent engaged and committed to your company’s success.

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