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Janet Granger, Marketing Consultant

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Younger workers meeting together

Corporate Workshops

How much do your generational workplace issues cost per year? Let our experienced team help you redefine your marketing and talent management strategies, leveraging the latest digital tools and techniques to reach and engage your audience.

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Diversity and inclusion in marketing

Marketing Consulting

Are you frustrated with your marketing because you’re not seeing real business results? We've helped businesses double their website traffic with the right people. Sound like something you'd like?

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Janet Granger - Millennial Expert

Speaking & Appearances

Inspire and motivate your team to reach their full potential, and cover the latest trends and tools in managing multi-generational teams, with actionable insights and practical advice for any organization.

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Working on your business stategy

Marketing Career Mentor

Unlock your true potential with personalized mentoring from a seasoned marketing professional. Janet helps you find your purpose, navigate difficult workplace situations, and build a successful marketing career while giving back to the environment through our funding of wildlife and environmental organizations.

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Industries of Focus

  • Software & Hardware
  • Marine / Recreational Boating
  • Events/Conferences
  • HR Talent Management and Retention
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
Janet CutOut

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Execution
  • Teamwork – Closing the Generational Divide
  • Leadership Coaching 1:1 Sessions
  • Management Training

How To Attract & Keep Younger Talent In The Workplace

Discover the key insights on how to attract and retain Gen Z employees in your organization with our latest White Paper. Gain valuable knowledge on the newest recruitment strategies, workplace culture, and management techniques that will keep your younger talent engaged and committed to your company's success.

Success Stories

Case Study: 3 Day Virtual Event

When COVID-19 hit, large associations with multiple day events wanted to continue providing their membership with exciting events, and honoring high-level professionals. Read Case Study

Case Study: HR Company & COVID-19 Information

As a team of experienced HR professionals, their clients (funded start-ups and established companies in the Bay Area of California) relied on them for up-to-date information when the pandemic began. Read Case Study.

Case Study: Blog & Newsletter Program - Law Firm

The best way to market, for companies that are constrained by regulations, is to position themselves as thought-leaders in their field. A bi-weekly blog program ensures that important information is being shared with current clients and prospects. Read Case Study.

Case Study: Marina with Rack Storage

This client has expansive rack capabilities, so every open space is a lost revenue opportunity. The goal? Fill every available space in the warehouse. Read Case Study.

Case Study: Yacht Servicing

This client has multiple locations and, because they employ tradespeople full-time, need to have yacht work to keep them busy and generating revenue. Within the first week we generated 7 new leads. After that, we were generating 4 - 5 leads/week. Read Case Study.

Case Study: Marina with Transient Dockage

Because of this client's ability to accommodate larger vessels, their dock space has high value - if used. Their first season, they were able to increase the transient revenues significantly. Read Case Study.

Are you ready to make a lasting change?

Talent Management of the Future for Millennials and Gen Z EmployeesHow to attract & keep younger (Gen Z) talent

Millennials (born 1981-1996) and Gen Z (born 1997-2012) are the youngest generations in the workforce, and they present unique challenges for CEOs looking to attract, onboard, train, and retain top talent. This free white paper gives valuable steps to helping CEOs and leaders create a positive culture for the future workforce.