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What It's Like To Work With Us

Kim Praitano, Gilda’s Club South Florida

"When one of our long-time employees was leaving our marketing and events position, Janet Granger was just starting our marketing audit and strategy. Janet was so valuable to Gilda’s Club South Florida, using the audit and strategy as part of the onboarding process for our new employee. Janet helped define what marketing should look like in the future. She was there for us online and in person when we needed her, which has become a luxury today. Janet’s passion, skills and expertise are the highest. You’ll get more than you ever imagined when you hire Janet."

Kim Praitano, Gilda’s Club South Florida

Mike Meyer, International Quiksigns

“Before working with Janet, we’d worked with another SEO agency and not seen any results. Working with her, we see a weekly report about our progress and, even better, we had someone walk into our store who had searched online and our ad came up first, so he came to us! Pat on the back for these great results within the first few weeks.”

Mike Meyer, International Quiksigns

Joe Mulcahy

Janet is a consummate professional with exceptional organizational and communications skills. We always knew exactly what was going on and what the next steps were to executing on our plan.

Once we got up and running, we saw a jump in website traffic and sales activity and leads. In fact, we were able to measure traffic on a weekly basis, which we hadn’t tracked previously.

Working with Janet, we were able to see the direct effect that our marketing efforts had with regard to website traffic and leads.”

Joe Mulcahy
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